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  • The Power of Greens

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    • The Power of Greens - $19.99

    In this on-demand class, you’ll learn whether you are excess, deficient or Qi stagnant, as well as the variety of greens, their energetics and nutritional value, and how to use greens to help gain greater balance in your life.   Included in The Power of Greens: Class video Downloadable pdf of the slides

  • Allergy Season Support

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    • Allergy Season Support - $10.00
    • Support My Autoimmune Kitchen - $50 with gift & classes - $50.00
    • Support My Autoimmune Kitchen - $100 with bonus - $100.00
    • Allergy Season Support - $9.99

    In this class, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and tools to get through the Allergy Season with less suffering. Included in Allergy Season Support: Class video Product recommendations list bonus pdf

  • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook

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    • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook (e-book) - $19.99

    If you suffer with Hashimoto’s autoimmunity, chronic migraine, or any other chronic illness that is not responding to mainstream methods of management, using food as medicine can help you reclaim your health and sense of well-being. You don’t know if you should eat Paleo, Keto, go vegan, avoid dairy and gluten, or just stop eating […]

  • Using Food to Balance Yin and Yang

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    • Using Food to Balance Yin & Yang - $1.99
    • Support My Autoimmune Kitchen - $10 with class - $10.00
    • Support My Autoimmune Kitchen - $50 with gift & classes - $50.00
    • Support My Autoimmune Kitchen - $100 with bonus - $100.00

    Ever wonder what you can shift what to eat, and know why and how it is helping you? In this mini-course, you’ll learn what your Yin/Yang constitution is, and how you can bring greater balance to yourself. When you have greater balance, you have greater health! Everyone tends to be a little more Yin or […]

  • Black Sesame Herbal Truffles

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    • Black Sesame Herbal Truffles - Original price was: $32.99.Current price is: $9.99.

    These ethereal, delicious, fragrant, wholesomely healthy confections are filled with black sesame seeds, roses, cardamom and orange peel. I’ll walk you through my unique process of how to make these ethereally beautiful treats. You’ll be given tips and tricks for all the little steps that make these truffles extra special. Workshop Contents: Written and video […]