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Want to learn the remedies that an Herbalist keeps in her Medicine Cabinet for Colds and Flu’s and other Seasonal Illnesses?

And, more importantly: how she uses those remedies effectively?

You have to be prepared to start taking your remedies as soon as you start to feel off.

If you have the thought, “oh no, I think I might be getting sick. No, I’m fine. I’m good. I can’t get sick”, you should start taking remedies as soon as that thought finishes!

Not tomorrow.

Not in three days when your herbs/remedies arrive in the mail.

Right now.

If you aren’t ready with your arsenal, you WILL get more sick, more quickly, for longer than if you were ready and started tending to your illness right away.

Obviously your first line of defense is prevention.

Second best is having your own medicine cabinet filled with remedies.

That’s what The Herbalist’s Medicine Cabinet is here to teach you.

In this workshop, you’ll learn what I keep in my medicine cabinet to not only prevent colds and flus from taking hold, but more importantly what I have on hand for when they do settle in!

You’ll also learn how to take those remedies so that they work.

Take the guesswork of out what to take, and how much with this workshop.

Learn what you need to have on hand, so you are prepared for the next time a cold/flu strikes.

I cover the remedies I use, and recommend the most to clients. I teach you how to take the remedies, and where to get them.

You’ll learn herbs and supplements for prevention, the initial “oh no, I think I’m getting sick” stage, to the settled in stage, to coughs, to external remedies.

You’ll learn how to differentiate between hot and cold illnesses and the herbs and formulas that are best suited for those kinds of illnesses.

This is a big, comprehensive class.

There’s a lot of information: from Western/American herbalism as well as Chinese herbal medicine to the use of supplements, homeopathics and essential oils, as well as the two over the counter options that I’ll use in a pinch!

The workshop will take 2 hours, you’ll get slides and recommended suppliers.

This is a pre-recorded class.


BONUS: At-Home Herbal Medicine Making: Cold/Flu Season (pdf) – 20 pages!

Topics Covered:

  • Prevention
  • Initial Stages
  • Mid-stage
  • Recovery
  • Coughs
  • Internal Remedies
  • External Remedies
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathics
  • Supplements
  • Essential Oils
  • Essentials for travel
  • Differentiating between types of seasonal illness
  • Sourcing herbs, supplements, essential oils, etc.