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This workshop is a combination of an intro to food as medicine with an intro to Chinese Medicine energetics.

You cannot do one without the other, otherwise you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

This workshop is not about demonizing foods, or entire food groups. Au contraire, this is about seeing what you eat from a whole new perspective!

This is about learning who you are from a different perspective than you might not otherwise have, and using that perspective to guide you into the health and wellness that you desire (and deserve).

You’ll use what you learn in this workshop for a long time to come.

Food as medicine is why we are here at MAiK, and I’m thrilled to be sharing this in a deeper way with you.

Workshop Zoom Link – released on May 15, 2024 Workshop Downloads and Materials Workshop Presentation (recording – available after May 20, 2024)