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    by Pamela Shaw
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  • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook

    by Pamela Shaw
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    • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook (e-book) - $19.99

    If you suffer with Hashimoto’s autoimmunity, chronic migraine, or any other chronic illness that is not responding to mainstream methods of management, using food as medicine can help you reclaim your health and sense of well-being. You don’t know if you should eat Paleo, Keto, go vegan, avoid dairy and gluten, or just stop eating […]

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  • An Herbalist's Medicine Cabinet: Cold/Flu Season

    by Pamela Shaw
    • An Herbalist's Medicine Cabinet: Cold/Flu Remedies - $24.99

    Want to learn the remedies that an Herbalist keeps in her Medicine Cabinet for Colds and Flu’s and other Seasonal Illnesses? And, more importantly: how she uses those remedies effectively? You have to be prepared to start taking your remedies as soon as you start to feel off. If you have the thought, “oh no, […]

  • Black Sesame Herbal Truffles

    by Pamela Shaw
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    • Black Sesame Herbal Truffles - $32.99

    These ethereal, delicious, fragrant, wholesomely healthy confections are filled with black sesame seeds, roses, cardamom and orange peel. I’ll walk you through my unique process of how to make these ethereally beautiful treats. You’ll be given tips and tricks for all the little steps that make these truffles extra special. Workshop Contents: Written and video […]

  • An Herbalist's Medicine Cabinet: Travel Essentials

    by Pamela Shaw
    • An Herbalist's Medicine Cabinet: Travel Essentials - $5.99

    In this video (and downloadable pdf), you learn the essentials an herbalist never travels without and how to use the remedies effectively. From cold/flu support, to optimal immune support, to digestive support, and more you don’t want to miss this! Learn how and when to take a variety of remedies so that you stay as […]