• Healing Autoimmunity with Food

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    Healing Autoimmunity with Food is possible regardless of the “brand” of autoimmunity that you have (Hashimoto’s, RA, Crohn’s, etc.) You can learn how to choose foods that are healing, love the food you eat, and feel better and better. In the workshop, you’ll walk away with: If you have questions about your specific situation, the […]

  • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook

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    • My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook (e-book) - $19.99

    If you suffer with Hashimoto’s autoimmunity, chronic migraine, or any other chronic illness that is not responding to mainstream methods of management, using food as medicine can help you reclaim your health and sense of well-being. You don’t know if you should eat Paleo, Keto, go vegan, avoid dairy and gluten, or just stop eating […]