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The whole idea of doing resolutions, revolutions, intention setting, and visioning in the middle of winter doesn’t align with the depth of winter that we are in in Chinese Medicine.

If you’ve been here a while, I write about this every year! Ha.

This year, the New Year officially begins on February 10th. This is when spring arrives in the Chinese calendar.

This is also when I start to feel most restless with winter, when I’m ready for the greenery of spring and the new growth of the season. It is the time for creation to begin!

From this perspective you can see that setting intentions, making resolutions, visioning and so on are not entirely appropriate for this time of year.

Yes, we can dream. Yes, we can contemplate. Yes, we can reflect. We can sort what we want to keep and what we want to nurture in spring/the new year. It is not the time to put our energy into external pursuits. It’s the time to remain in contemplation.

After all, we are still in the Yin season of the year, of the darkness, the cold, the interior. To receive.

And with that, I have an offering for you to receive, if you wish: Laughter yoga.

Laughing and joy is what I want more of in my life. (And isn’t that what life is all about anyway?!)

I started doing 30 minute laughter yoga sessions a few times a week this summer. It’s been so transformative for me that I became a certified laughter yoga leader!

I’ve felt far more creative and vibrant from doing laughter yoga regularly for several months!

You might be asking: what does all of this have to do with autoimmunity and wellness and herbs and Chinese Medicine?


You cannot heal from a place of chronic stress, inflammation or force.

Laughter yoga brings a sense of levity and lightness to the body, mind and soul. Laughter yoga gets you out of your head and into your Heart and joyful emotions.

When you are more at ease and joyful in your life, you give your body a chance to move from survival to recovery and repair and ultimately health and wellness.

You cannot heal when you are in survival mode – survival mode is rooted in cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine!

In Chinese Medicine, laughter is associated with the Heart and joy.

Laughter and joy are the only emotions that do not lead to illness or pathology in Chinese Medicine. The Heart’s emotion is joy. The Lung’s, on the other hand, is grief. We all know what happens when we spend too much time in grief. Or in Wood’s anger. Or in the Earth’s sympathy. Or in Water’s fear.

(There are exceptions to the joy/laughter spectrum, and that is mania and way too deep a subject for here. Let’s assume that we are approaching this from a place of deficient joy and laughter.)

The Heart is the divine ruler of the body, soul and spirit in Chinese Medicine. The Heart is our musical instrument: holding the beat and rhythm of our lives.

Laughter, even intentional laughter through laughter yoga, provides all sorts of benefits to you.*

Laughter reduces stress – it is the quickest way to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress. Take a long breath, hold it for a couple of seconds, then laugh for as long as you are able on that breath. See how you feel.

Laughter has been shown to benefit the immune system!

One of the reasons we fall sick is due to the lack of oxygen in the body. Laughter yoga is a form of breathing exercise, an aerobic workout, and because of this, you increase your heartrate and improve blood circulation.

Laughter Yoga releases not one but FOUR happiness hormones in our bodies: Endorphins, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Dopamine. In a program that I’ve been doing since May, this is called DOSE.

The opposite of DOSE is CAN – cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine. Most of us live in CAN, whereas the greatest health and life-satisfaction comes from living in a state that is mostly DOSE!

Laughter yoga helps you connect to your inner child, imagination, and allows you to play and be silly without fear of judgement or shame or any of that gobletygook.

If you want to give Laughter Yoga a go, sign up for the Laughing with Intention Sessions. Let’s infuse this year with Laughter and Joy!