These are essential products and resources for supporting chronic and acute issues relating to Autoimmunity and other health problems.

An Infrared Heating mat is fantastic for Hashimoto’s, Endometriosis and Menstrual Issues, and pain that feels better with heat.

It is also great for other issues where there is a presence of Cold (or lack of Heat), and for use in the colder months to keep the body’s core temperature functioning optimally.

If your abdomen, hands, feet, or buttocks tend to feel cool to the touch, or you constantly need a cup of hot tea or an extra blanket: these heading mats are for you!

The infrared heat it similar to what you receive from the sun. It warms deep into your body’s core, and doesn’t leave you feeling “cooked” as if you were using a traditional electric heating pad.

You don’t need a fancy one, a small simple one that’s similar to a traditional electric heating pad works for most people.

When my Hashi’s was transitioning into remission status this is the mat that I used daily: Tao-Mat Full Short (I’m pretty short!) It has the PEMF option, which should not be used daily or without doing further educational research and training on how to use properly. If you would like a comparable mat, without the PEMF, I suggest this one. Want a mat long enough for a six foot tall person? This is the one for you!

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Fullscript is THE place to get your supplements, herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies.

I have recommendations for several categories: anxiety, insomnia, Hashimoto’s, bumps and bruises, digestive support, menstrual issues, and cold/flu care and prevention.

You need to register for an account through Fullscript to access my recommendations, and you’ll get a 20% discount on all products too!

Once you are in the Fullscript shop, navigate to Favorites and you’ll see recommendation lists in the above categories. You also get access to the entire Fullscript catalog, so if you take other supplements you can get those directly from Fullscript.

Sure, you can get your supplements and herbs from Amazon, probably cheaper and with free shipping.

I get it. You want to save money.

However! Amazon does not guarantee the origin, quality or safety of the supplements.

I’ve had clients order simple Chinese remedies from Amazon vs a recommended supplier, and they’ve been counterfeits. I’ve ordered things from Amazon thinking that I’m getting a deal, and again – it’s counterfeit. I’ve also ordered supplements and herbs in a pinch from Amazon and they are not right: either not the quality I’ve gotten from a company like Fullscript (yet the “same” supplement), or just plain-old old!

I opened up a bag of herbs that I got through Amazon because I was in a pinch, and the herbs looked like they’d been sitting on the shelf for five years: barely a trace of green in a green-leafed herb! Which means that the herb would not be as efficacious, if effective at all, given the age of it.

Imagine if I didn’t know that these were bad products?

At the best-case scenario: I’d think none of this stuff worked and was garbage. At the worst-case end: I might get sick.

Oh, think you won’t risk getting sick?
Imagine buying herbs from Amazon, only later to discover that you’d been ingesting salmonella containing herbs but because you bought herbs from Amazon, the original company had NO WAY of contacting you to let you know that your herbs were contaminated with salmonella.

Don’t believe me?
I bought herbs directly from an herb company a couple of years ago, the very same company whose herbs were old from Amazon, and the company tracked me down to tell me that I had a bad batch of herbs (the herbs were contaminated with salmonella!) Now, imagine I got those herbs from Amazon instead of the original company, and was giving those herbs to family, friends and clients because I didn’t know that they were bad and I inadvertently, unknowingly, made people sick… not a fun scenario to visualize is it?

Why take the risk of getting a bad product with your hard earned money just to save a few bucks and get free 2-day shipping?

None of this is bad luck, or not knowing what to get from whom, or not doing enough “research” before buying from Amazon: this boils down to choosing to give your hard-earned money to a company that does not have YOUR safety at heart.

It’s important to be discerning with where you are getting your herbs and supplements from. That’s why Fullscript is my go-to source.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.