When you are living with Autoimmunity or a chronic health condition, seasonal shifts can be a challenging time of year.

If you have Hashimoto’s, you likely live with some variation of hypothyroidism and tend to be cold or sensitive to the cold.

In the Northern hemisphere, we are shifting to the most-Yin time of year: winter.

The transition from summer to fall is the waning of Yang, and the waxing of Yin. From fall to winter the growth of Yin becomes exponential compared to what Yang remains. Yet, even in the depths of winter, there is a seed of Yang within this most Yin time of  year.

In the Chinese calendar, the first day of spring is in what we in the West call the depths of winter. For 2023, the first day of spring is February 4! This is when the shift begins from winter to spring, while imperceptible at first – much like the shift from summer to fall which began on August 7th. What we notice is that the light changes, the air changes, every so slightly…

Local foods shift as well.

As we move further from fall into winter, which begins in the Chinese calendar on November 7th, we should shift our diets accordingly.

If you are a lover of salads, smoothies and iced drinks (including iced coffee) these are known as cold foods.

If you have not already: transition from these summer-time treats to warming foods like soups, stews and cooked vegetables.

To learn what to eat, how to eat, and all the other thing you can do to stay healthy during the winter months, click here to download the free Supporting Autoimmune Health in Winter guide.